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TenLinks AutoCAD Tutorials

Probably the best place to start looking for AutoCAD tutorials. This is a well thought out listing where tutorials… more

Full Listing Visited: 14,304 times | Rated: 34 times | Rating: 79% | Rate this link

AutoCAD Exchange

AutoCAD community featuring training, AutoCAD user support, tips and tricks, tutorials, videos, discussion groups,… more

Full Listing Visited: 2,488 times | Rated: Once | Rating: 60% | Rate this link


Regarded as one of the world's most innovative web designers, YUGO NAKAMURA is renowned for the wit and complexity… more

Full Listing Visited: 3,956 times | Rated: 3 times | Rating: 47% | Rate this link

Disegno Automatico

Site dedicated to computer aided design: the search for solutions for all designer. Link, articles and comments for… more

Full Listing Visited: 2,591 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

CAD Architect

CAD Architect aids Architects, Interior designers and professional building designers in providing them with easy t… more

Full Listing Visited: 2,804 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link


Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, o… more

Full Listing Visited: 3,701 times | Rated: 4 times | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

AutoCAD Book: Digital Drawing for Designers

Clear, concise, and above all visual, this is the AutoCAD guide written with the real world of designing in mind. B… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,722 times | Rated: 5 times | Rating: 96% | Rate this link

Free Cad Block

This blog provides awesome cad block for free.

Full Listing Visited: 2,753 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

Autoplant User Forum

Our forum is the largest AutoPLANT user forum on the planet. We featrue Autoplant 2D, 3D, Structural, Administrati… more

Full Listing Visited: 17,608 times | Rated: 10 times | Rating: 70% | Rate this link

The Autodesk Informer

Not as active as many blogs but this one does appear to disclose some insider information. One to keep your eye on.

Full Listing Visited: 4,288 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

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